ANZAC Centenary 2014-2018: Sharing Victoria's Stories
WW1 service men and their dogs

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Messenger Dogs – Tales of WWI

Messenger Dogs – Tales of WWI

Proudly brought to you by the Victorian Government as part of the Anzac Centenary and produced by Cultural Infusion.

Meet the fourth division ‘Messenger Dogs’ Nell, Trick and Bullet and see WWI through their eyes. Their tales are of courage, determination, endurance and mateship on the frontline working  alongside the Australian Imperial Force. Responsible for carrying messages from the front line back to headquarters their stories sometimes go unrecognised – but to those who served over a hundred years ago, and even those who serve today, dogs play an important role and not just as loyal companions.

WW1 soldier and dogsTaking bookings now for performances up until 30 June 2017.

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Program Duration – 45 Minutes

Age Group – Prep – Year 6

Cost – Free

Performance Type – Puppet and actor theatrical performance.

Number of Students – Minimum 40 and maximum of 100 (P-6) per performance and preference is to have a least two performances in the one location if possible.

Location – Bookings will be taken for primary schools and community organisations (running school holiday programs) both in metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Performance Space Requirements

Hall/gymnasium or classroom if possible on a ground floor close to vehicle access. The space should ideally be without a stage as the performance is designed for a flat space due its interactive components with the audience. A table and chair along with access to power is required for the audio visual technician. The performance company will bring all other equipment. At least 40 minutes is required either side of the performance for bump in and out.

Teacher Resource Kit for the Classroom

The performance is designed to introduce the topic of World War One to students. Introduce and continue the discussion in the classroom using our Classroom Resource Kit, which includes activity sheets suitable Primary school students. Download the kit below.

Messenger Dogs – Tales of WWI Teacher Resource Kit

Testimonials and images

1919 Children’s Peace Medal

Every student attending a performance will receive a special commemorative 1919 Children’s Peace Medal. In 1919 Australian children aged 16 and under received a silver coated medallion. For such a small object, it carried a large responsibility – to remind a generation of the service and service and sacrifice of Australians throughout the First World War.

Messenger Dogs – Tales of WWI is produced by Cultural Infusion on behalf of the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Cultural Infusion specialises in productions, projects and programs that act as a bridge to inter-cultural understanding.


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