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WWI Stories – John Clark


Alice Nunan shares the story of her father, John Clark.

I am John Clark’s  82 year old daughter and although my memory has faded some-what, I do remember my dad telling me of fighting in the awful conditions of the freezing muddy trenches in France.  He was caught outside in open country when a shell attack happened. Diving head first into a shell hole, a large piece of shell sliced into his buttocks and was quite badly wounded. He had little memory of it other than bad pain and the Sergeant telling him to stop yelling or the enemy would be on top of them. He was taken to a hospital in England and stayed for 12 months, nine of them lying on his stomach.

John Clark

Dad joined the 18/5 Battalion on 16 March 1916 at Yarram in South Gippsland and was discharged on the 19 December 1917. He spent the rest of his life around the Yarram District.