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Anzac Day 2015 – Event Notification Form

Anzac Day 2015 – Event Notification Form

Event organisers are requested to complete the following Event Notification Form to advise emergency services and authorities of events taking place on ANZAC Day 2015.   The notification will be sent to:
– Victoria Police
–  Ambulance Victoria
– VicRoads
– Public Transport Victoria
– Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Event organisers are still required to liaise with their local emergency services and authorities when planning their event, and to obtain the required permits and permissions.

The information provided in the Notification Form will not be included in public calendars. If your event is not already included on the public calendar of ANZAC Day events go to: Register My Event

Event Details

Please include set up time, event time and pack up/finish time.
Name of event venue/s:
Street address of event.
Please provide details of event.
Please include total number expected including participants and general public.

Event Organiser Details

Name of organisation responsible for the event
Name of key event manager
Please include landline and mobile.
Email address for event manager.

Local Government Contact Details

Name of municipality event is being conducted in.
Contact person within local government (please include name and position)
Please include landline and mobile of the local government contact person.
Email for local government contact.

Road Closures, Public Transport, Police, First Aid Details

If yes, please notify Public Transport Victoria by February 27, 2015. See
Please include contact details for your local Police including: Police Station, Officer contact name, phone and email
Please include contact details for first aid/medical provider including: Organisation, contact person, phone and email.
Please advise details including type of firing and time.